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Covance Inc. is a contract research organization (CRO) headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, providing nonclinical, preclinical, clinical and commercialization services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The company is owned by LabCorp and employs more than 50,000 people in over 60 countries. According to its website, it is one of the largest companies of its kind in the world, with annual revenues of over $2 billion. It claims to provide the world's largest central laboratory network.

A former screening coordinator mentioned, "I would recommend you to RUN from Covance and do not even think about working here. Very unprofessional a lot of politics!!! There is no work balance. The people that have worked there the longest will make you feel like you are nothing and supervisors don’t do anything about it. The more you tell a supervisor the more they will hate you and make your life miserable. They don’t give you lunch breaks. They do a lot of shady things and subjects are not safe there. One day they will make headlines because they cover a lot of things that are not right! One day sponsors will see it."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"awful micromanagement and extremely overworked. 50 to 60 hr work weeks were expected for 40 hr/week pay. Company cut bonuses and 401k contributions this year too."

Former Employee - Technical Lead says

"Unreachable goals Set up to fail Management uneducated No HR support"

Former Employee - Quality Assurance says

"My manager pitted people against one another in a malicious and machivillian way. Our meetings consisted of screaming matches about protocol, bitter resentments among group members and strange games. The manager hired her friends and was unable to control the malcontents. The workload was demanding, with little room for downtime or recognition for hard work. Plus, the harder you worked, the more work you got."

Former Employee - Program Specialist says

"Management does not care at all about their employees. They steal ideas from their underlings (Usually with a month or two in between you suggesting it). Most meetings are just lectures about the one or two things you can improve on, and sometimes it's not even something that needs to improve, they just can't force themselves to give kudos for anything. The only time I or any of my colleagues had received a word of praise was when the client was on site, or we received a compliment from someone we helped on the phone. The general air while working there was one of oppression, never knowing when you were suddenly going to get an email that you suck at your job, though they always seemed to come when you were having an okay day for once. The only people I saw that were happy while working here were the associates, and that's because they could shove all their work onto the program specialists if they didn't feel like doing it. The associates would get together, laugh and joke, and have a great day while everyone else wouldn't be able to even check email while on a break. Part of this issue is the quality of associates that were hired. Very few of them were qualified, they were either friends with the managers or were attractive. Moving forward with the company is about how good you are at joining and staying in a clique. The buildings have an awful smell to them, and several had severe water damage to the point there's almost a guarantee of mold in some of the pillars. But the absolute worst thing, that made me lose the little bit of respect I had for the company (which is only really the pay, but even that wasn't enough to stay working for them) is that occasionally the managers or associates will come to you and ask (read: tell) you to write a positive review on this site. If that doesn't show you what kind of quality this company is, I don't know what will."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"everything was not a place to grow"

Former Employee - Program Associate says

"The company does not care about their employees."

Current Employee - Program Representative says

"They treat you like trash and the manager are always micromanaging the place. They’re favorite line is be “ professional “ but they’re rude and disrespectful and very unprofessional. If you are having a problem with your supervisor or manager HR doesn’t even do nothing about it and say it’s all your fault. If you want to be spiritually, mentally and emotionally broken come to this place. The break all of the San Diego laws and nothing is done about it. I’ve never felt so depressed and useless in my life."

Former Employee - Clinical Project Administrator says

"Extremely low pay, unfair management, no one does their job (a potential perk but annoying when your job depends on them doing their job). Overall a truly awful place to work."

Clinical Operations says

"Career advancement is based on favoritism, management is secretive and makes decisions without understanding issues or explaining to the team what the decision actually is (I.e. changing processes in a meeting, but never notifying or training anyone, then blaming the lower-level staff when things go wrong). Dishonest - several employees witnessed the former CEO commit fraud - this was verified when the CEO himself held an all-staff meeting where he literally went off on the team because someone had anonymously reported him and “he came in to help, so people shouldn’t do that” (my dude, just because you had ‘good intentions’ doesn’t mean you can lie in clinical data). BTW, they actually promoted that guy. So, this clearly goes all the way to the top. 100% turnover in the course of a year. This isn’t just a few disgruntled low level employees, could you imagine being an MD and feeling it’s in your best interest to walk out of your job with no notice? Could you imagine running a company where more than one physician does just that and you still feel like you’re doing a good job? It is an incredibly toxic work environment and they have complete disregard for their employees’ wellbeing or job satisfaction. The leadership team should be ashamed of themselves."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is terrible, head of office doesn't know how to effectively use his human resources, understaffed, they give duties to people wholly unqualified as a result, PMs make scheduling errors and do the bare minimum to assist clients."


"I would recommend you to RUN from this place and do not even think about working here at this place. Very unprofessional a lot of politics!!! There is no work balance. The people that have worked there the longest will make you feel like you are nothing and supervisors don’t do anything about it. The more you tell a supervisor the more they will hate you and make your life miserable. They don’t give you lunch breaks. They do a lot of shady things and subjects are not safe there. One day they will make headlines because they cover a lot of things that are not right! One day sponsors will see it. NoneEverything is a con"

Animal technician 2 (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company that over works under pays and does not care about it's employees. You are treated with no respect, there are too any people that boss each other around, and harrasment is a huge problem here.Get to work with monkeysEverything"

Program Specialist - PS Level (Former Employee) says

"Poor Management skills all around. Occurrences policy unrealistic. No raise. Unfriendly. Will put you u on projects to start the next day with a 30 min training."

Senior Project Manager, Global Project Management (Former Employee) says

"Stress and treating Employees like cattle I routinely received above average performance reviews yet the pay wasn’t commensurate and advancement was nonexistent"

Animal Laboratory Technician 2 (Former Employee) says

"This job was not what I was expecting, they told me so many things at the interview and once training was over worked me like a slave until I just couldn’t take it anymore. This job is too demanding physically and mentally. Managers will not try to work with you on a hectic schedule and also try to tell you when you should take your days off!!!! I feel like the managers and some employees were prejudice. NoneShort lunch breaks, horrible work load, hostile work environment, etc."

Kit Production Team Member (Former Employee) says

"This company really doesn't care for their works. They dont make it mandatory to were protective gear like they should. It took them up until May to offer workers masks."

Clinical Research Associate (Former Employee) says

"All they care About is their client.... even if you work like a dog for them, they don't care, end of the day all they care is their business and their client... their FSP is one of the worst program you can work on is like you are working for two employers and one single pay and this actually sucks in terms of Pressure. Lot of pressure and no work/life balance. One of the WORST PLACE YOU CAN GET YOURSELF IN. initially all will look fine but the work load they assign on you would be unprecedented. You won't be able to concentrate on one particular things a time... They assign so much work for very less penny."

Lab Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If you're looking to begin a career in science that isn't the same repetitive task every day then don't work here. Company will replace you in a heartbeat if they don't like you and call security to march you off site."

KP Associate (Current Employee) says

"They preach one thing and do the exact opposite. No advancement opportunities. If you know a manager or get in good with them you’ll at the least survive. But if not, might as well start looking elsewhere."

Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Minimum wage, with a bonus scheme, but not enough work to achieve the bonus. When there's little work, you're expected to do the job of other higher paid departments. Management lies to you constantly about when company is due to be busy, and very much a brown nose culture. If you dont kiss the right bum, you wont get anywhere."

IT (Former Employee) says

"For all those looking to join Covance please follow the advice. Do not join this company. It's the most unethical company, with no integrity, values and principles. There will be absolutely =no engagement by management, will be retaliated against if you reach out to HR, they set up to fire you and will let you go with no notice. They will target you if for any reason they don't like you after hiring you. If you reach out to Human resources then you will be targeted and your days will be numbered. The management is full of incapable science people who are IT managers and who don't understand IT at all. Your health will be impacted severely and will be the worst experience. Please heed advise and do not join this company"

Program Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It does not matter how hard you work or time you give. They let you go whether you have been there a few months or even years without warning or consideration."

PMSD (Current Employee) says

"I would strongly encourage you to stay away from this company because work culture is beyond toxic! Managers do not know how to lead, senior leadership has favorites & will throw you under the bus without any solid reasons to support those decisions. The things that continue to happen at this company are toxic with egotistic mgrs at the helm who have no clue as to what they are doing."

Program Specialist I (Former Employee) says

"This place is a joke and is micromanaged terribly. I hated it except training with a certain trainer. Otherwise if u are a smoker plan on being late from breaks and lunch because u have to drive off that dumb campus. And the parking sucks so u have to walk 10 miles to get to building. Just sucks allmanagement wo"

Program Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional high stress work environment. If you want to feel on edge everyday, stressed out with no job security this is your place. This is a place that disrespects, belittles, and will micro manage your every move. Not worth it."

Chemist, Bioanalytical Chemistry (Current Employee) says

"Covance philosophy is work life balance plus happy employees and they push that to the outside clients. The turnover at Covance is greater than 10% due to what they do behind closed doors. It is a very toxic environment that consist of undermining individuals and performance based off of gossip and not merit or evaluation of actual work performed."

Clinical Trial Associate (Former Employee) says

"New position and new department. Company was in the middle of a buyout and overall was not a good time to come in as a new employee. Small satellite office who did not know new computer system."

Lab Production (Current Employee) says

"I truly believed that equality, integrity, diversity, and inclusion are a few qualities that a company should possess. The company I currently work for lack these qualities and turn a blind eye to unconscious bias, unfavorable conditions, the lack of diversity and inclusion. HR personnel treat certain employees as disposable and protect managers/supervisors allowing mistreatment and not holding them accountable. Who is responsible for protecting employees against retaliation if we do not have a union? How can nepotism be allowed? How are some managers/supervisors of a pharmaceutical company without the education or background knowledge of the healthcare field, no degree or previous experience in those positions/roles? This concerns me, so yes I will speak on it, as I have brought it up to the appropriate personnel(s) attention.NoneUnion"

Clinical Trial Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Yo fui contratada por Covance para trabajar en las oficinas de Merck Sharp and Dhome. Lamentablemente, en MSD, el ambiente laboral es hostil y poco agradable. No valoran el trabajo. A pesar que conversé con mis jefes directos en Covance y se los manifesté, no lo tomaron en cuenta. Preferiría no volver a trabajar en ninguna de esas 2 empresas.Seguro privado Internacional, sueldo y beneficiosNo saben valorar al personal"

Program Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The worst company I ever worked for. Gave me a bonus for perfect attendance then let me go. Would not give a reason for termination. Manager was the worst."

Amanda Mills Knee says

"Truly the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have to call multiple times to have my medication shipped out.. each rep offers a different excuse as to why it wasn't done. I often run out of medication before my supply arrives. The reps sound like they could not care less about your issues when they call.. actually most of them sound like you woke them up. Just an all around horrible company. I will be asking my doctor to prescribe something different for me because I do not want to work with this company any longer. They should not be in the business of medication with their ineptitude, lack of empathy and customer service and all around horrible business practices."

Wendy James says

"Terrible customer service ! Condescending, lazy, arrogant people at call center. They refused to look up my info to even see if I was in the queue which I was told could be done to make sure it was faxed. I despise these people already! I must add I spoke with one lady that was helpful but the percentage of the terrible staff outnumbers the people that can actually act like they care."

Tom Collins says

"3 weeks from my last review my application still hasn't been processed, I finally managed to get a representative on the phone on May 18th to tell me again that doctor's part is missing and after they will receive it give it 48 hours. Doctor faxed and mailed them again the same form on May 20th today is June 3rd. I called them requested to speak to a supervisor they pit me on an hour hold. I called them back 11 times but cannot get anyone on the phone. I will try in an hour again. Called them again was able to reach a representative who has put me on a "brief" 40 minutes call again while she is reviewing my file. You don't have to put me on hold to review my file other representative don't always do that. They probably put you on the longes hold when they don't want to deal with and wait for you to hang up. And they have funeral like melody when they put you on hold. Just saying. Okay I gave up 60 minutes to review my file is looking very suspicious. I hanged up now calling them back again.... 13th call at 12:28 pm on June 3rd: No response again Representative: Losaiya I asked the representative to spell her name she hanged up on me. 14th Call at 12:32pm cannot contact them again. 15th Call at 12:34 pm. Representative: Mitchel Duration: 19 minutes Just asked me for my zip code to confirm HIPPA Put me on mute he told me that it will take 5-10 minutes to review my documents. Dotor's page with his signature is missing again, the representative found it in their fax system and somehow he told me it was not attached to my file. Now he he has told me that he can process my case and put me on a brief mute hold again. We got "disconnected" again. Nobody called me back as the representative said he will if we get disconnected. 16th Call 12:54 pm Call duration: 9 minutes Representative: Shakei She put on the "brief called" again to review my file. I asked her not to put me on hold because I don't want to listen to music she said no problem and did it non the less. She informed me that Mitchell has added the missing information to their spread sheet and my case was approved and to assign the card number should take 24-48 hours. And they cannot send any confirmation to me I will receive confirmation in the mail. And that the encrypted email from the representative only for the missing information and that cannot send me any confirmation that ny case was approved. Btw I already heard that from a different representative a month ago that my case was approved and now I should wait 24-48 hours for the card to be assigned and it will take 10-14 days for the card to come in the mail but due to COVID it might take 3 weeks. I called back 3 weeks later and other representative has told that the previous representative was wrong and there was information missing and that the representative doesn't have the power to approve the case and she doesn't know why the other representative has told me that the case was approved. Well I only hope that this time this is actually true and they won't tell me tomorrow that something is missing. Extension: they don't have an extension number Mitchel called back apologized that his software was disconnected and confirmed that my case was approved and that my doctor have received a confirmation approval fax. I emailed my doctor to confirm now waiting a response. Also Mitchel has told me that card should come in the mail pithing 7-10 business days but to assign the card and get the card through the phone in the way that I can use it at the pharmacy should take about 2-4 business days. Thank you Mitchell!!!!!!!!!! He should get a raise!"

Tom Collins says

"They are the worst. My application had been processing two month already. I called them over 30 times every person tells you different things. One person tells you the doctor's part is missing another person tells you they have all the information it's still processing and then another representative tells you they never received anything. They are trained to tell you to call back tomorrow give it 24 hours, I've been doing that for months now. Also they will tell you that they will put in an urgent processing request and have supervisor call you back they've done that 8 times already. I recommend start recording your conversations with them because they will lie to you and violate HIPPA and say they never received anything also when sending the application have a witness that all the forms were sent in. Also make sure to type in your information because they will misspell your address and you won't be able to access your file anymore will have to send in a new form. They will tell you that: last page of your form is missing, you forgot to put the date, they cannot process the application because signature lines and dates are missing, doctor didn't fill out his part his signature, date your name is missing, fax cut out doctor's signature part, they cannot accept electronic date it has to be hand written, they never received any forms from the doctor (call back right away and different representative will tell you he did receive all the forms), your form is still processing and they will tell you that something is missing one thing t the time to postpone it. First they won't even tell you something is missing they will just tell you to call back and once you start complaining after 2 weeks of calling back they will tell you one thing is missing then all over again it's still processing call back then a week later another thing is missing call back, then a week later one more thing is missing. One representative win't answer you directly is something is missing they will tell you it's still processing call back and then you call again another representative will tell you that missing. Representative trained to make you hang up and call back tomorrow they will tell you whatever you want to hear like we put an urgent processing request, we gave a supervisor notice heard that 8 times already call back in 24 hours. They tell this to everybody even though the claim processing is closing at 8:30. They want you to give up. And what they are dong to people is a huge violation. Get a lawyer and a witness. Takeda already going through multiple litigations. Don't give up."

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